Anacapa Island Pelican Preserve, California, U.S.A.

Anacapa Island State Marine Preserve is the breeding ground for the endangered Brown Pelicans. It is only open to scuba diving in November and December.

Garibaldi - California official state marine fish. (SD800 JPEG)

Fascinating seascape. (SD800 JPEG)

(SD800 JPEG)

The fish were not afraid of the divers... they should be. (SD800 JPEG)

A colorful Bat Starfish. (SD800 JPEG)

We have become the scuba-diving family, looking forward to more underwater adventures. (SD800 JPEG)

Bat Starfish come in so many different colors. (SD800 JPEG)

Can you see the Flounder in the sand? (SD800 JPEG)

A Giant Spined Starfish. (SD800 JPEG)

A beautiful jellyfish. (SD800 JPEG)

The only part of the body not fully covered was the face so the chance of getting stung was quite minimal. (SD800 JPEG)

These yellow-orange colored fish were all over the kelp garden. (SD800 JPEG)

Being surrounded by giant kelp is awesome! You don't find this in the Tropics! (SD800 JPEG)

We arrived back at Ventura Harbor just as the sun was setting. (SD800 JPEG)

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