El Nido Resort - consists of 45 small islands and islets, Palawan, Philippines.

Twenty-seven of us arrived by boat at Miniloc, a gorgeous beach resort framed by limestone cliffs and surrounded by a shallow lagoon. (EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

Many of us stayed in huts built over the crystal-clear water. (EF-S 17-85 @ 28mm RAW)

The sea was totally calm, and the Christmas decorations added a little more sparkles to the place. (EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

This sunrise was taken while kayaking from Miniloc to a... (SD700 JPEG)

... small secluded beach nearby. (SD700 JPEG)

Those who love tropical fish won't be disappointed here. (SD700 JPEG)

Having a waterproof Point & Shoot was perfect on an island-hopping vacation full of water and weather activities. Not just for photos, a P&S with Optical Image Stabilizer can take shake-free videos in places camcorder can't go. (SD700 JPEG)

On the island of Entalula, we had this beautiful beach all to ourselves for the entire afternoon. (EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

On the opposite side of Miniloc Island from the resort, we snorkeled and kayaked in a hidden lagoon surrounded by cliffs, accessible only through an opening barely large enough for a person on a kayak. (SD700 JPEG)

After an exhausting early-morning climb up a steep trail to the peak of Pangulasian Island, we were treated to a spectacular 360-degree view of the 45 islands and islets here. Miniloc Resort is visible in the middle of the picture. (EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

On Palawan Island, climbing through a tiny hole on the side of this rock, we explored Cudugnon Cave. (EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

(EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

(EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

Needless to say we had a blast here and will definitely visit the resort again in the future. Finding a place more beautiful than this won't be easy.
(EF-S 17-85 @ 17mm RAW)

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